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Its turquoise colored blue ocean, powder white sand, cenotes with crystal clear waters and a jungle full of wildlife linked to a great cultural richness, this is Tulum; a mystical place that has charmed so many international artists like Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber as well as ordinary people like you and me.

Why invest in Tulum?

Investing nowadays in Tulum is the best decision you can make and the reason is very simple, a city still very small but with a huge future. The development in this town is booming; just to mention that in 2005 had 14,790 residents today exceeds 40,000.

Each day the number of rooms offered to tourism increases and along with that services such as banks, supermarkets, among others.

Due to the its growth, in 2008, Tulum was declared as an independent city of the state of Quintana Roo and today it is among the cities with the highest added value growth in Mexico.


TURÁ is a project of investment lots that offers land at affordable prices, comfortable financing plans and a strategic location that will give the best return on your investment.

The beaches of Tulum are considered among the 10 most beautiful in the world. We want you to be in contact with nature, listen to the birds sing and feel the ocean breeze under the warm tropical sun. It's time to invest in Tulum and you can achieve it with us.

Land with residential usage

Legal certainty; privately owned and titled lots

Within the Urban Development Plan of Tulum (next to major streets)

Financing in Mexican pesos up to 36 months

Investment Lots
Phase 4

3,347 ft2 starting for
$420,426 Mexican pesos


Boe Tulum - Urbanized Lots in Mexico Beach

Böé is located in the city of Tulum where you will find many of the best beaches in the world. The natural richness of Tulum will leave you amazed.

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